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The professionals at William Douglas Property Management have been providing the highest standards of Community and Commercial Association Management services since 1980.   WM Douglas takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Charlotte Property Management Services.  From contracting for maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, WM Douglas remains perpetually on top of the game.


  • Affordable & Cost Effective Association Solution
  • Experienced – Serving the Carolinas Since 1980
  • Reliable & Responsive to Info and Maintenance Requests
  • Complete & Accurate Financial Reports
  • Experts in Association Management


William Douglas Property Management is a reliable partner who understands your needs, knows how to get things done, anticipates issues and concerns, and who has a track record of finding reliable solutions. On top of that we're affordable and ready to help your Association.

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Community Association Management For more than 30 years William Douglas Property Management has supported the work of Homeowners Associations. WM Douglas offers a range of professional management services. Choose from full Homeowners Association Management, covenant enforcement, or financial management only. For full HOA Management, William Douglas Property Management can assume responsibilities for all these aspects of Association Management: Association Contracts Architectural Review & Compliance Budgets Collections & Disbursements Deficit Funding Financial Reports Maintenance Timely notifications to community homeowners William Douglas Property Management has the experience and qualifications to work with Boards of Directors in all aspects of Association Management. WM Douglas professionals can attend Board meetings; handle planning and execution of annual meetings; solicit and analyze bids for maintenance, service and repair work; support enforcement of Rules & Regulations; be a conduit for homeowner suggestions or complaints, and more. Community Association Management services also include these key areas: Making bid recommendations in selecting outside contractors; Keeping accurate records of legal documents, financial data, member rosters and Board meeting minutes; Providing peace of mind with on-demand emergency service anytime day or night, year-round. Ensuring homeowner compliance to all architectural review guidelines Commercial Association Services Separate from its outstanding work in Community Association Management, William Douglas Property Management has experience working with Commercial Associations’ Boards of Directors to provide guidance, maintain property value, enforce Association by-laws and CC&Rs, and communicate with owners. Whether it’s Medical Office Associations, Retail Center Associations or Office Park Associations, WM Douglas is a Commercial Management leader in the Carolinas. From Asheville to Wilmington, William Douglas Property Management’s capabilities in Commercial Management include these important aspects: Emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year Assistance enforcing Commercial Association Rules & Regulations Maintaining accurate records of legal documents, finances, membership, Board meeting minutes and more Writing, soliciting and analyzing bids for maintenance, repair or service Recommending bid awards for outside contractors to the Board of Directors Attending and supporting Boards of Directors meetings Providing a conduit for Commercial Association members to offer complaints and suggestions Notifying Association members of annual meetings Arranging and conducting annual meetings, including checking in attendees Ensuring Association member compliance to all architectural review guidelines Financial Services William Douglas Property Management has an impeccable record of assisting Association Boards with all aspects of finances. WM Douglas handles assessments, budgets, collecting homeowners’ dues, user fees, late fees, and paying Association invoices. Community Association Management requires fiscal expertise and attention to detail, from developing annual operations budgets to building financial reserves for capital investment and replacement. William Douglas Property Management is ready to offer this expertise to provide peace of mind: Assisting in budget preparation, including annual operations and long-term budgets Helping to develop near-term and long-term budgets to establish reserves for capital investment and replacement Preparing monthly financial statements as well as year-end financial statements for auditors Assisting auditors throughout the year with tax preparation, audits and reports Paying Community Association accounts payable as directed by Boards of Directors Billing and collecting homeowner dues, user fees and late fees Enforcing collection of homeowner dues and fees as needed William Douglas Property Management—The Region’s Best Choice For more than a generation William Douglas Property Management has been a Property Management leader throughout the Carolinas. Serving Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Mooresville, Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem and Raleigh, William Douglas Property Management is ready to go to work with professionalism and dedication to detail. William Douglas can assist Community Associations and Commercial Associations by maintaining Association legal records, sending notices, contracting outside services, and notifying Association owners. The affordable, reliable solution to the challenges of HOA Management and Commercial Management is William Douglas Property Management. Professional, Reliable Service Since 1980 Regional Leader in the Carolinas Affordable and Efficient HOA Management Experts Financial Services Experts Commercial Management Experts Why wait? Call today to save time and money for your Association!